This plan is our second most detailed and interactive of all of our packages.  In this plan, we will provide you with a detailed diet customized to fit your work and training schedule.  We will tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat and how much of it to eat to reach your specific goal.  You will also receive 4 meal replacement options in each rotation to give you additional variety within your diet.  There will be no guess work or additional work required on your end, you will always know what to eat, the portion size and when to eat it.  Your diet will change every four weeks and will be adjusted according to your progress and end goal.  You will be required to fill out a detailed questionnaire that you will receive upon completion of your purchase (please note, it is mandatory that you have a gmail account for this and all of your program materials going forward). If you would like to complete this questionnaire face to face you can add that option to your program for an additional $60. If your order is placed and the questionnaire/consultation is completed by 5:00 pm Central standard time on Wednesday, your plan will begin that Monday. Any plans received after that deadline will begin the following Monday.

12 Week Diet Only Plan

    • Diet plan(s) issued and changed every four weeks to adjust for progress and end goal. This document will lay out your meal portions, timing of meals and exact foods to eat (PDF Document)

    • 4 meal replacement options issued & changed every four weeks.  These are designed to give you additional variety in your diet.  Caloric value & macronutrient breakdown is adjusted on the meal replacement options to line up with the values in your diet plan so that you can swap these in without sacrificing your progress (PDF Document)

    • Fast food survival guide with meal options and caloric values for those emergency situations where you need something in a pinch (PDF Document)

    • 7 private coaching calls (call schedule provided with starting materials. Calls 20 minutes in duration)

    • Detailed program overview highlighting the following:

      • Items needed for purchase prior to starting plan with links

      • Recommended Supplementation with links

      • Tips on grocery shopping

      • All other pertinent information for you to succeed with your plan