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12 Month Transformation

- Caitlin K.


Due to two pregnancies and life circumstances, I have fluctuated with my weight for the past few years and have yet to find a workout and nutrition regime that I actually wanted to stick to. I work full time and have two toddlers, so it’s safe to say that time to be in the gym and cook healthy meals is limited.  I had the mentality that if I couldn’t spend hours in the gym and drastically cut my calories that I wouldn’t see any results. I can confidently say that Make It Train has given me the resources and knowledge to change this incorrect mindset. I now can attest to the fact that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym and eat bland food every day to see success and Make It Train’s programming structure aligns with this. They acknowledge that although it is important to be healthy, it is also important to live life. Make It Train is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and attentive to their clients. Since I was postpartum, there was a lot going on in my body that could potentially alter weight loss and since they took the time to look at the full picture and addressed these issues, that helped get me on track to not only look my best but also feel the healthiest I ever have. For the first time in my life I feel that I have the perfect balance of maintaining my health goals while still being present and attentive to my family life. I am forever grateful to Make it Train for helping me create this healthy, balanced lifestyle.

18 Month Transformation

- Kevin W.



I will start off by saying that before I reached out to Make It Train, I went 5 years without stepping foot in the gym. I was at my lowest of lows with my health AND my mentality behind going to the gym.  Make It Train played an absolutely critical role in my journey of losing weight. Not only did they help me physically lose 75 pounds, but even more importantly, they helped me mold a new mindset behind why it’s so important to take care of your body. They were there every step of the way, and then some. I used to go into the gym not knowing what I was doing, or how to properly perform reps. Now I can go in there with confidence on what I’ve learned from Make It Train and even put together my own workouts based on what I learned from these guys. If you are even thinking about changing your fitness or nutrition lifestyle, reaching out to these guys is a must, I would never be where I am today without them!

12 Week Transformation

- Ross R.

As an avid health & fitness enthusiast and health care professional, I thought I knew all that I needed to in order to be the best version of myself. I was skeptical and had my doubts until I actually signed up and listened to the experts at Make it Train. I have been a regular gym goer ever since college but I have never tried to watch what I eat or pay attention the specifics of my training even though I knew it was detrimental to the results I wanted. They sat down and developed a personalized plan for me based on my work schedule, my food preferences & goals. My schedule was variable and they were sure to check in with me biweekly to ensure we were getting the job done. Life isn't perfect or simple; they understand that and make changes and update the plan when things don't go exactly as planned. Everyone is busy and has excuses for not maintaining their health or fitness but with a program like this, they will keep you accountable, go into extreme detail about why you are training and dieting the way you are, and help you keep track of your plan and goals so you don't get lost in the shuffle. One of my favorite aspects of what Make it Train has to offer is how thorough they are. If you have any questions they will break it down into terms anyone can understand and will motivate you when needed. Highly recommend. Sign up and I promise you won't regret it.

8 Week Transformation

- Donald B.



Some say God has a plan for everyone, well I’m here to say Make It Train has a plan for everyone. For years I had been working out and trying to eat healthy and eventually I hit a plateau. It was very discouraging to go to the gym regularly and not see any progress and that was when I decided to give Make It Train a call. They did a great job developing a diet and training plan that exceeded my goals in such a short time span. Their professionalism and knowledge in this industry is unmatched as they customized a plan that improved my health and lifestyle in just 8 weeks. Not only have they helped me during these last 8 weeks, but their coaching and teaching along the way will change the way I eat and workout forever. I could not be happier with the choice I made to work with Make It Train and I recommend anyone who would like to challenge themselves to do just the same.

12 Week Transformation

- Scotty L.

First off, let me start by saying those pictures are REAL. I didn’t go tanning, I didn’t smile in one and not in the other, I didn’t grease up my body to make it look like Romo on the beach. I had the same lighting and took the pictures with the same phone. Now let me tell you that I DID NOT want to lose weight. I told them so many times I wanna get bigger. I brought donuts to the gym and always had a candy bar around. They told me I don’t know what I want and after 3 years of knowing them, they finally convinced me that I need some real work. I partnered with Make It Train because I knew I needed a customized plan for ME! If I didn’t like something they removed it and/or would substitute it. (They never gave me my donuts tho...) I occasionally trained with them at the gym and they spotted my weaknesses. Even though I pushed to have multiple arm days, they kept me on track. I did lose weight, but not strength, and I like how I look now then the pudgier me. I will keep in contact with them and recommend them to anyone that needs that boost or anyone who does bro lifts..

12 Week Transformation

- Chelsea L.



This program has honestly changed my life. I have always struggled with sticking with a program because if I get discouraged or get down on myself if I don't stick to it 100%. Make It Train helped me so much to realize that there are going to be good weeks and bad weeks. The weekly check ins were so great because they are so supportive, encouraging, and always super helpful with answering any questions I had. Doing this was definitely a challenge since I am working full time and in nursing school full time but they were so great at putting together a plan that worked for me. Every day I got my mind in the right place, pushed myself to keep going, even on the days when I felt like I didn't want to. This is a way of life for me now and I will be sticking with it for as long as I can to keep my body healthy and to feel good about myself.

12 Week Transformation

- Dr. Anthony C.



I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results after the 12 weeks with Make It Train!!!  Between the one on one training and the extremely detailed dietary portion, this program had everything I needed to succeed. I’ve tried many training programs in the past but this was the only one that successfully mixed diet and training in a way I could successfully execute. Every part of the 12 weeks was completely tailored to me. From what training elements and what body parts I needed to improve upon, down to what foods I could and couldn’t eat. Every week was something different which kept it interesting and kept me from getting bored. Initially I only wanted to do this program for 12 weeks, but I’ve now decided to make this a lifestyle. I can’t wait to see where I am after another year. A big Thank You to the entire Make it Train Team.

12 Week Transformation

- Mike R.



With Make It Train, they put together a comprehensive 12-week workout and meal planning regimen. I have always struggled in the past to understand what a ‘good’ muscle workout is and how to keep up the cadence as time goes on. They provided great support from the beginning and with the detailed workout plans every 4 weeks, it made success much more attainable. Not only do they give you the workouts, but they help you understand why these workouts go together and how to be successful outside of the program. The toughest aspect of the program for me was the meal planning. I always struggle after 8PM to not snack and with their macronutrient breakdown, that late night hunger faded away over the weeks. I felt satisfied with the foods provided and actually felt like I was eating more because they were the right foods. Thanks for everything Make It Train!

12 Week Transformation

- Jon T.


I started Make It Train's program with high hopes as both of my brothers had achieved great results working with them, but nothing could have foretold the life changing experience the program would be. With the help of their program I was able to loose close to fifty pounds over twelve weeks. It was not just the loss of weight but the increase energy, self confidence, and overall just better health feeling. The best piece of advice I can give to anyone interested in the program is to be completely honest with them. Meaning if you tell them you are going to work out three times a week, do that or let him know because they will modify your program. Let them know if something is not working and they will change your plan. I really appreciated how the plan was customized to me. I had different meals on days I lifted compared to not, I was constantly adding new foods every two weeks and they supplied lots of alternative meals with a healthy twist. I would recommend this program to anyone thinking about making a change in their life.

6 Week Transformation

- Paulie I.





Make It Train did a great job of understanding my needs and goals and what we needed to do together in order to achieve them. Not only have they helped me achieve these goals, they also helped me with a long term plan to sustain and progress further in my pursuit of healthy living.  I needed something that worked around my schedule, not the other way around.  They take the time up front to understand these needs and then build the plan around that. The knowledge and planning they showed me is something I will use for the rest of my life.

8 Week Transformation

- Maureen M.

These last eight weeks went by in a flash! I'm actually serious! I promise I'm not lying.  I've always regularly worked out, worked with trainers and while I know HOW to work out, I knew that my nutrition was atrocious.  I was at a point where I was OK with my weight but when I looked in the mirror I didn't feel like I looked like myself anymore. I thought that it was just me getting older!  Enough was enough and I contacted Make It Train because I just needed a little direction and someone to help me change my lifestyle and habits (whatever that means, right?). I got so much more than I expected. They were my ultimate cheerleader, held me accountable, and kicked my ass when I needed it the most. They even helped me not feel so guilty (so much Catholic guilt) on the days where I needed a rest day because I was on overload from work, drained and exhausted.  Everyone keeps saying its a LIFESTYLE change. I don't think I truly understood what that really meant until I was in the thick of it. My perspective has completely changed and I'm still working through it! Even though my eight weeks has completed, I have just hit the tip of the iceberg.  I feel amazing and I feel and look like I'm "back to my 'ole self" but just a healthier version of that person. There is so much more work to be done and for real, Make it Train has helped me make this possible and pushed me to limits I didn't even know I was capable of!

28 Week Transformation

- Drew J.

It’s tough to even know where to even begin with this testimonial. All my life I've been into working out, extremely competitive & happiest when I'm progressing towards my goals. However, I found myself saying I WISH I could accomplish this goal or I WILL accomplish that goal at some point, but then never actually going out and doing it. Then, after some rough life events, I knew it was time to tackle a goal I've always wanted to: Get in the absolutely craziest, abstract shape I could push my body to get into. And, if I was going to do that, I might as well compete and see how I looked when the pressure and stage lights were on. That is where my good friend and mentor John came into the picture at Make It Train. I knew John from college & had nothing but admiration for his business, principles, and achievements. With his help, over a 3 month period I naturally became the strongest I've ever been in my entire life. Then, with his help over the following 7 months, I naturally got into the leanest and craziest shape I've ever been in. And it may have been the hardest thing I've ever done. Yes you want balance in your life but getting "competition ready" is selfish and extremely unbalanced. Without John I would have mentally broke. He talked me out of all my doubts, all my insecurities, and made sure I was prepared every step of the way. Most importantly he LISTENED. He never acted like he knew everything. We were a team and went through the ups and downs together and conquered all of them in a plan that fit my lifestyle as a full-time graduate student and a full-time employee. Overall, John helped me become more of the man I wanted to be. In the words of Joe Rogan "Become the hero of your own story because it's YOUR LIFE" and every hero needs a mentor and that mentor for me was John. For those of you who work to better yourselves with John and MIT in the future, know that this man is doing everything to help you and cares more about assisting you accomplish your goals than anything else. Lastly, this journey with John taught me three things: 1) Never be a victim, go out and take what you want in life through extreme hard work (Three hours of cardio a day at one brief point on almost no carbs, then drinking a pot of coffee to do 5-6 hours of homework on a Sunday after meal prepping, and overall being in a calorie deficit for 7 months) 2) Never give a Sh** about what other people say about you and chase after what you want. Do most people think getting all tanned up and shaved to go on stage and flex is cool? HELL NO! but it's what I wanted to accomplish so I could care less. 3) Take pride in what you have accomplished and have fun when you have accomplished what you have worked so hard to achieve. ENJOY THE JOURNEY AND THE END RESULT! Thank you John and Make IT Train for one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and helping me become the hero of my story.

10 Week Transformation

- Nick


I originally decided to contact Make It Train after seeing the success my brother was having.  I went into the program thinking it was a diet, but quickly realized it was much more than that.  It’s not like the diets you see on TV where you order food or they give you a meal plan that is the same for every person.  Make It Train's program is completely customized to you. They take the time to design your meal plan to fit your goals, your lifestyle, and your schedule.  My brother and I were approximately the same size and weight when we started the program, and yet our meal plans were completely different. This really impressed me, and showed how much knowledge they have and how much effort they put into their work.  I have lost weight in the past by myself, but never like this. While doing the program I never felt super hungry or got headaches like I did in the past. They put together a program that allowed me to lose weight while maintaining my strength, and even gained strength in some lifts.  I want to thank Make It Train for helping me reach my goal.

12 Week Transformation

- Ethan G.




Training and focusing on the health of the body has always been important to me, but sometimes you need guidance. When I first met the Make It Train team, I knew that they had the knowledge that I was looking for. To me, it was important to transform your body in the most natural way possible, and they shared the same views. I've learned so much from them during my first prep. Things that I will take with me forever moving forward in my career. If you believe in the human potential or even just want to learn a few things to add to your routine and diet. I encourage you to take a look at what Make It Train has to offer. It paid off greatly for me and many others!

8 Week Transformation

- Jason M.


My fiancé and I are going to get married soon and both of us wanted to get in better shape prior to our big day.  I had worked with Make It Train in the past, they led training sessions at my work, and I was impressed with the motivation and workouts so I suggested we try them out.  A couple of my coworkers had previously done programs with them and had nothing but good things to say. With that said, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with my program.  At the beginning, I was a little nervous about cutting out many of the joys that I have when it comes to food, but I really feel that the program has changed my eating habits moving forward.  They did a great job of mixing up the food options so that I wouldn’t get bored & after a while, even the foods I thought I would hate, I have grown to enjoy. The training programs were designed to ease you in and prepare for the weeks to come.  I really liked that the workouts changed every couple of weeks so that I was constantly learning new routines and challenging myself. Let me conclude with mentioning how awesome of a motivator this team is. They followed up with me weekly to track my progress and find out what challenges, if any, I was having.  Also, they were always quick to respond if I was going out to dinner or traveling for work to provide me with meal choices. What makes the Make It Train Program great is that they are there for you throughout, but the program is designed to hold you accountable as well, which made the end results even more satisfying!

12 Week Transformation

- Zak S.


I've been overweight my whole life but got myself into decent shape by eating better and consistently hitting the gym through college. Approaching 3 years of working full time, my diet started slacking. My job calls for a lot of travel and long, unpredictable hours. On days I was home I would grab something for lunch at noon, not get home until 8/9, and instead of cooking, order takeout. Add in a max of 5.5 hours of sleep and before I knew it I was back up to 209 pounds. I tried eating less and less, but the pounds racked up.  I knew I needed to make a change and Make It Train worked with me the whole way.  They adapted my plan on the fly (after they sent me it) to accommodate travel needs and more than once removed things that I didn't want to eat as the weeks went on. Whenever I had a question they were there. They were also proactive in asking me how my half-marathon training was going and adapted the workouts and diet to fit that need. They helped me attain my goal of cutting (A LOT) of fat while keeping up (and even increasing) strength. 12 weeks later and I can't believe the difference in how I feel, look, and the way my clothes fit again. If you're on the fence and think you're too busy or it's too hard, trust me - Make It Train is the way to go because they make it easy!

24 Week Transformation

- Eric B.

I was always a big kid growing up. Partially to my build and partially because I like food. Life is full of ups and downs. My health journey started a few years ago. I was able to take food and meal prep seriously as well as follow a consistent workout routine. I was starting to feel great and comfortable in my own skin. Well, then life hit me with a ton of bricks and I fell into the down part of life. I put on everything I had lost plus a few extra pounds for good measure. I knew that I could get healthy again. I did it once and I had all the tools, but I was missing something. Enter Make It Train. I sat down with them for our initial conversation and instantly knew that this would change my life. Not only are they very knowledgeable, but they make you feel comfortable and will never leave your side. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but I wanted to make myself proud. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin in my entire life. I feel great and I know that we are nowhere near done yet! Make It Train will be the best thing to happen to you along your health journey!

10 Week Transformation

- Matt T.




Before starting this program I was someone who had a terrible diet. I was eating one or two big meals a day and most of the time those meals were unhealthy. I thought that simply going to the gym 5-6 times a week would be good enough to make up for my unhealthy diet. After starting this program I learned how wrong I was. When I initially considered starting the program I figured I would at least learn what a healthy diet looks like. I never imagined how much it would change how I looked and felt about myself in such a short time. With Make It Train's help I was able to obtain my goal of losing weight without sacrificing strength. The great part of this program is how it is customized to your work schedule and lifestyle. Thank you for all your help and support throughout the process.

12 Week Transformation

- Chris H.




I hated having pictures taken of me. I didn't recognize the person in the photos.  I knew that I needed to make a change in my life. Contacting Make It Train to help was the smartest decision I made. The great thing about this plan is how it is also built around your schedule.  The workouts and the diet is tailor made for you. You aren't forced to eat anything you don't like. The workouts are constantly changing so you won't get bored. If I had a question about something, they were only a quick text away. I feel like I now have a solid foundation to keep building upon. Thank you to Make It Train for all your help. I only wish that I had decided to do this sooner.

16 Week Transformation

- CJ R.

I think every fitness journey starts either when you are unhappy with the way you look or feel, or when you know you can do better for your health and for yourself. In my case it was definitely both. After looking at pictures of myself, and being winded after climbing two flights of stairs, I knew it was time for something to change. I started working out but soon after realized my efforts in the gym would be worthless if I continued to eat grilled cheese, chicken fingers, and McDonald’s every day. Working in the ER with very unstructured hours I was looking for a diet that worked for me and my unique schedule, and that’s exactly what I got from the team at Make It Train. They structured my meal plan around my schedule, and planned different options on when to eat certain foods based on when I was working and when I planned on working out. Knowing the intensity I was putting into my workouts they built an intra-workout meal and post-workout meal into the diet that properly fueled my workouts and pushed me harder in the gym. I honestly did not think it was possible to find a meal plan this personalized to fit me. There are so many generic diet plans out there online that are completely unsustainable for one simple reason - they’re not built for you. They built in foods for me that I really enjoyed eating, and avoided all of the foods I hate, all while maintaining the ideal macronutrients for my personal metabolism and daily energy output. For the first time in my life I had a very sustainable diet that I knew was maximizing my hard work in the gym. In the past 16 weeks Make It Train has helped me become the biggest, strongest, leanest, and healthiest I have ever been. I could not be happier with my results and I cannot thank them enough for all of his hard work and dedication to making me a better version of myself. So if you are reading this and you are unhappy with the way you currently look or feel, or if you just want to become a better version of yourself - stop making excuses, stop procrastinating, and sign up. It literally only takes one decision to change your life, and the only person stopping you from bettering yourself is you.

9 Week Transformation

- Alexandra M.

I've always been the girl who LOVES to eat & go out socially for drinks with my friends. Well, this past summer I continued to be that girl and the weight had significantly caught up to me and I needed to make a change. I needed something very structured to obtain my goal, because without structure you'd catch me at Chipotle or somewhere thinking that my meal was "healthy". I have tried the whole just eating "healthy" thing, and saw decent results over a longer period of time, but never ANYTHING close to the results that I have obtained on my 9 week plan. I was seriously shocked at how the weight was just falling off of my body, and how quickly it was happening. People, I started noticing in 2 weeks the differences in my body. It was not just any diet. It was a well thought out diet plan, tailored SPECIFICALLY to not only my body, but my lifestyle! I was asked what foods I like to eat, what times I will be able to eat, and was given endless substitutions if I ran out of a grocery item on my diet. The first 3 weeks of my diet, I barely even wanted to eat because I was legitimately FULL THE ENTIRE TIME! I was so surprised at how much food I needed to fuel my body properly and to lean out. I would have never known I could eat as much as I could without the knowledge of Make It Train. There is an endless amount of science behind the nutrition in these plans; for instance, how important meal timing is, when it is best to eat your higher carbohydrate meals, and other things that I would never know could affect my body so drastically. All and all, I have never felt more confident with my body and I absolutely couldn't have done it without Make It Train.

8 Week Transformation

- Linda C.

Since I reached my 40's I've struggled with weight loss and trying to lose those last 5 pounds was a challenge for me. But that all changed when I heard of this program from my older son who underwent an amazing transformation. Although I worked out 3-4 times a week before I started the plan I never got the results I really wanted. So I tried the 8-week diet plan. In the beginning it was a little hard I'm not going to lie, but as the weeks went on it got easier and easier and I saw the results I've been looking for. I felt good, happy and healthy. I saw the results mainly in my mid-section and noticed it even more in my clothing. So much that I had to go buy new pants. I mean who doesn't like to go shopping for new clothes? I'm 47 and I've got to say I feel so good about myself now, I'm continuing my healthy lifestyle and I'm a much happier person because of it. It just feels good to feel good. I'm so glad that my son introduced me to this program. I owe my success not only to him, but especially to Make It Train who was such an inspiration to me and always kept me motivated and was so patient with me throughout the process. I will forever be grateful to them.....Thank you for giving me my healthy and happy lifestyle I now have.

- Nick T.

8 Week Transformation




I have been going to the gym for the better part of 5 years now and I definitely saw change. I was able to put on size and was decently pleased.  But after having John help me with a proper diet plan to not only fuel my body for the workouts I do, but to also help my body adjust to the change in healthier foods, you can see a world of difference. People say that how you look is 30% gym and 70% diet, and it’s absolutely true. After being skeptical at first, what you eat does matter. John helped me realize that and helped me along a path to keep this lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy, but he helps to keep things in perspective and to help with anything along the way. He knows what he is doing and will always give you true & honest feedback.

12 Week Transformation

- Chris H.



12 weeks ago I set my vision on the Minnesota Mayhem, but I needed help with my diet throughout the process. Make It Train made my diet plan with our goal of maintaining as much size as possible going into this show without losing muscle and that is exactly what we did. Without them, this whole thing would not have been possible.  They were there for me whenever I had any questions about the diet or simply just more motivation to keep going. I couldn't have asked for a better coach and better friends to help me along this journey.  Their plan/coaching was exactly what I needed to pursue this dream of mine. If you’re looking to shed a couple pounds off for the summer or looking to compete in a bodybuilding show, Make It Train's team is the one to be a part of. I can’t thank them enough.

12 Week Transformation

- Nick N.


As the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink” and I think it fully applies here. Make It Train sets out the exact roadmap to get you to where want to go, all you must do is put in the effort and commitment to get there. Simply put, you get out of it, what you put into it. With their knowledge, support and constant encouragement it makes it easy to want to give it your all and that is exactly what I did. A short background about myself, I had been overweight since my early teen years but in July of 2012 when I was 26 years old I decided enough was enough and I went from 245lbs all the way down to 140lbs in 7 months. So, I have been a “gym rat” for about the last five years and fitness & health have been two of my main hobbies/obsessions. The weight that I maintained for the last 3 years was 155-160lbs, but the improving results from the gym never came and I was stuck in a constant plateau for that time. And like a lot of people, life happens and somethings just tend to fall by the wayside and for me my diet took a turn for the worse at the beginning of the year. And 6 months and 25lbs later I had that enough was enough moment yet again. This time I knew I needed more than to just lose weight and a physical transformation, I needed an overall lifestyle & mindset transformation. That is why I chose to do a 12-week Diet plan and it was honestly the best decision I could have ever made. I accomplished my goals that I set out from the onset and then surpassed them and reached a level I never thought I would or even could. This was more than a physical transformation for me, this was a life changing experience that has and will continue to improve every aspect of my life.