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Corporate Health & Wellness

This is corporate health & wellness redefined.  Whether you are a large or small company, local or distant, we've got a value add for your health & wellness program.  No more providing your employee's sub par programs like Weight Watchers & Jenny Craig that assume everyone should follow the same diet or train the same way.  

Our individualized approach is the difference in harboring a healthy & happy company culture.  

 Please see below for what is included with each package.

Lunch & Learn Educational Session


  • 25 - 30 minute presentation on simple, yet effective tools to make better decisions in and out of the workplace

  • Done on-site at your business location (projector required by business

  • Fully customized to add any health & wellness topics that are a top priority of your business

  • Reserved time for Q & A post presentation

  • Travel rate will apply

Large Group Style Fitness Classes & Bootcamps

  • 5 or more people

  • Best designed for companies looking to build community among employees as well as emphasize health & wellness in the workplace

  • Done on site (company gym or in the open auditorium if equipment is provided)

  • Workouts designed to accommodate any level of fitness from beginner to advanced

  • Travel rate will apply

Small Group Personal Training Classes 

  • 2 - 4 people maximum

  • Best designed for small businesses, families or close friends

  • Done on site (company gym or personal residence)

  • Workouts tailored to available equipment, physical limitations & areas of focus

  • Travel rate will apply

1 on 1 personal training

  • Private sessions done on site (company gym or personal residence)

  • Best designed for those who need extreme detail and accountability

  • Workouts tailored to available equipment, physical limitations & areas of focus

  • Stretching & general nutrition advice included with training

  • Travel rate will apply

Corporate Testimonials

For pricing and travel rates on any of the above services, please contact or drop us an email at with your company location and number of employees and we will send you a quote. Make It Train is fully licensed and insured

Please note that before the inception of Make It Train, John Romanelli operated under the entity "No Bad Reps".  Some client testimonials seen above were the result of his services operating under the name No Bad Reps.  All verbiage was updated to reflect the new business name.

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