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Unlock your muscle-building potential with this expertly designed 8 week program.  You will add muscle mass through various intensification training techniques designed to take the muscle to failure and beyond.  Program can be started at any time and workouts can be completed around your schedule.


• All workouts completed on your own and per your schedule

• All done via mobile app with video instruction, weight logging, etc.

• In app messaging for questions, feedback & streamlined communication

• Training broken into 4 week blocks with 4 workouts per week (same workouts for weeks 1-4 with progression built in & new workouts for Weeks 5-8)

• Gym based version only

• Fast food survival guide included with purchase that gives you healthy options at many popular restaurants

• You will be provided with a PDF download upon completion with instructions to get onboarded to the app & next steps

MAXIMIZE - 8 Week Muscle Mass Multiplier (Gym Version Only)

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