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Guilt Free Nachos

Guilt Free Nachos

Ingredient list:

· 23 Organic 365 Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips (this is Whole Foods brand and yes, we want you to count them individually instead of giving you a measurement...sorry it's cruel but funny, right?)

· 2 tbsp fat free sour cream

· 1/4 cup sargento reduced fat cheddar cheese

· 5 oz. 99/1 lean ground turkey

· 2 tbsp pace chipotle/jalapeno salsa blend

Cooking directions:

· Begin by cooking the 5 oz. of lean ground turkey over the stove top with any seasoning of your choice

· Measure out chips and evenly apply cheese and melt in microwave for roughly 20-25 seconds

· Spread ground turkey, sour cream and salsa on chips

Nutritional Information:

470 Calories – 45 G Protein – 36 g Carbs – 14 g Fat



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